They will fight for the Oscar statuette! Before the nominations were announced, there was speculation that as many as four sequels could be in the running for Best Picture. In the end, only two second parts – Avatar and Top Gun – made it to the shortlist. Even so, it is more than in previous years.

In the 94-year history of the Oscars, only eight sequels have ever been nominated for best picture, and never more than one at a time. For example, sequels to The Godfather, Lord of the Rings, Toy Story 3 or Mad Max: Fury Road received nominations. And The Godfather became the only film to win an Oscar for both the first and second installments. The third Godfather did not change the nomination.

So when they nominated two sequels at the same time in the current 95th edition, they set a historical record. Avatar: The Path of Water and Top Gun: Maverick were shortlisted. If we were to follow the earnings, the big favorite would be Avatar, which earned two billion euros quickly after its release. But the Oscars are not always guided by financial success. The dark horse can also be the film Everything, everywhere, once, which received the most, eleven nominations in total – for example, in the categories Best actress, director, screenplay, and in the category Actress in a supporting role, it even has two irons in the fire.

Much is also expected from the film Nothing New in the West. His work is only the second book in history, the various adaptations of which received two nominations for the best film. Before this year’s, it was in 1930. The second book is Little Women, whose film adaptations aspired to Best Picture in 1933 and 2019. Nothing New in the West has a total of 9 nominations, for example for the best foreign film, visual effects, music or adapted screenplay.

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