Central Bohemian firefighters are responding to a fire at a department store in the center of Benešov near Prague. They declared the highest level of fire alarm.

The Fire and Rescue Service (HZS) of the Central Bohemian Region reported on the intervention on the social network Twitter, reports TASR in Prague. “Our units are responding to a fire in a shopping center in Benešov. The fourth degree of fire alarm has been declared,” they wrote on the social network. Using a ladder, they evacuated one person, who was given oxygen therapy.

As reported by the Novinky.cz server, rescuers treated two women who inhaled fumes and one slightly injured firefighter. According to regional rescue service spokeswoman Monika Nováková, he suffered a hand burn. “The whole building is full of smoke, the gas and electricity supplies are turned off, the firemen are searching the building. It’s not on fire, but it’s smoking,” Nováková described the situation on the spot. She added that as a result of the fire, the ceilings in the building are collapsing, so the firefighters cannot intervene inside, and they are eliminating it using height equipment from one side of the building.

The fire broke out after 4:00 p.m. Firefighters first announced the third degree of alarm, which was later changed to an extraordinary fourth. A similar fire, in which an entire supermarket burned to the ground, broke out in western Bohemia about a week ago.

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