Czech lawmen were surprised by an unprecedented event. The woman was waiting at the tram platform on Vltavská Street when she saw a sight that completely freaked her out. She couldn’t believe her eyes when a man dressed from head to toe in women’s clothes approached her. But the woman was much more surprised by what the man in the pumps did. “He took the victim’s purse, which was lying next to her, and started to leave the place,” Czech police officers inform on the social network.

However, the woman did not want to give up her things so easily. She ran after the man and wanted her bag back. But that’s when the finished horror came. The man took out a hammer from his bag and started beating the woman. The victim ended up with broken ribs and an injured hand. “Then he returned the purse and left in the direction of Strossmayer Square,” the law enforcement officers added.

The appearance of the suspect and partially the course of the incident were captured by cameras. The man spoke Czech, was about 175 cm tall and had prescription glasses with a distinctive black frame. The police are asking for help. The case is being investigated for suspicion of committing the crime of robbery.

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