The painting entitled “White Horse” by the Czech painter František Kupka was sold for 35 million crowns (42 million crowns including the auction mark-up) at the KODL Gallery auction in Prague on Sunday.

The starting price of the work was 25 million crowns, reports the news website The painting is an important work in the author’s work because it demonstrates his transition from figurative painting to abstraction. “White Horse”, an oil painting on canvas from 1909, is inspired by the painter’s stays in Brittany in the west of France.

“White Horse” is proof of how Kupka, unlike many world painters, was able to go a long way in less than a decade from a symbolist artistic expression rooted in academic training to a completely abstract painting. Kupka painted his most famous abstract works only a few years after the offered painting. More than 200 works were auctioned at the auction, which took place in the Žofín Palace on the Slavonic Island in Prague, the vast majority of them were sold, and several author’s records were set.

The auction list was dominated by works of art by Bohumil Kubištu, Mikuláš Medek and Theodor Pištěk. Those interested could bid directly in Žofín or through an online service. Kupek’s most expensive work sold at auction in the Czech Republic is the painting “Divertimento II” (1935), which was sold in 2020 for 90.2 million crowns, including the auction markup.

His painting “Tryskání II” (1922-1923) was sold at the Sotheby’s auction last year for 231 million crowns, including the auction markup, making it the most expensive auctioned painting by a Czech artist ever. František Kupka (1871-1957) was a painter, graphic artist and illustrator of world importance, one of the founders of modern abstract painting. He spent most of his life in France.

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