The city of Púchov will finance part of its capital expenditures this year from credit sources.

At the meeting of the council, the city councilors approved the acceptance of a loan from ČSOB, which will provide financial resources to the Púchov municipality in the amount of 800 thousand euros. She will repay them for the next ten years.

The interest rate of the newly accepted loan is 1.96% pa, while the bank provides the loan without collateral. The Púch town hall plans to use more than half of the loan resources for the construction of a composting plant. More than 130,000 euros are intended to participate in the grant and to insulate the building of the future daycare center in the premises of the Slovanská Elementary School and Kindergarten.

As of May 31, 2022, the city of Púchov had outstanding loans for approximately 3 million euros. After receiving the new loan, the city’s total debt burden will increase by four percentage points and will be just below the 22 percent mark.

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