At least three people have died and another 28 are injured after a suicide bomb attack on a police patrol in the western Pakistani city of Quetta. The police went to guard the health workers who vaccinate against polio in the city. The Islamist organization Tehrike Taliban (TTP), which ended a month-long ceasefire with the government in Islamabad, claimed responsibility for the attack. The agencies reported on the attack with reference to the police statement.

However, the information on the number of victims is not entirely clear. According to AFP, the victims are a police officer, a woman and a child. One of the three victims is the attacker himself, however, the AP and DPA agencies reported. A suicide bomber blew himself up near a truck with police officers, but the explosion also hit a car with a family nearby.

The Pakistani Taliban, an ally of the Afghan Taliban, ended a ceasefire with the government in Islamabad in May and ordered its fighters to resume attacks across the country on Monday. According to their statement on Wednesday (November 29), the attack is in retaliation for the killing of a former TTP spokesperson in August this year.

The Pakistani Taliban has been leading an armed resistance in Pakistan for over ten years. The goal is stricter enforcement of Islamic law, the release of detained members of the group, and a curtailment of the Pakistani military’s presence in tribal areas.

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