Country singer from the American state of Oklahoma, Jake Flint, († 37) got married on Friday. But on Saturday morning, his wife Brenda woke up next to a dead body. Jake died suddenly in his sleep.

Brenda Flintová, who became a widow just a few hours after the wedding ceremony, announced the shocking news to her fans on Monday. On Monday, Flint published a video from the wedding photo shoot, during which she would not think for a second that these are the last moments with her beloved partner. That’s why she wrote on Instagram: “I don’t understand it.”

In another post from Tuesday, November 29, she admitted to fans: “We should be going through the wedding photos, but instead I have to pick out the outfit to bury my husband in. Humans are not meant to feel such pain. My heart is empty and I just really need him back. I can’t take much anymore. I need him here.’

“He was a singer and songwriter and just a big personality, big heart and he would break his back to do anything for you. When any musician asks you to play at their wedding, it’s one of the most important days… and it’s always an honor. I really like to remember that happy moment when I saw them get married… but now I really feel for Brenda.” wrote fellow musician Mike Hosty, who played at Flint’s wedding on Friday, November 25. Flint’s cause of death has not been determined.

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