Slovakia faces the problem of wrongly placing pupils from excluded communities in special schools and the artificial creation of segregated classes. This is claimed by ex-Minister of Education and member of the National Council (NR) Branislav Gröhling (SaS). He reminded that the State School Inspectorate, as well as the European Commission, draws attention to this.

According to Gröhling, if Slovakia does not resolve the situation, it is threatened with financial fines. He called on the Ministry of Education to start working on concrete steps.

At Wednesday’s press conference, Gröhling recalled the need to adopt an amendment to the Education Act that includes a definition of segregation. Help with early care for children from excluded communities under the age of six, monitoring of segregation in schools or a catalog of support measures is also needed.

“These are measures that the Ministry of Education should take in order to help students from excluded communities, reduce segregation in education and prevent problems with infringement from the European Commission. The last three measures are also part of the Recovery Plan. According to the schedule, they should have been implemented in the period from autumn to winter 2022,” the deputy pointed out.

According to him, every child, regardless of origin, should receive the best possible education. “This was also the focus of the projects that we implemented at the ministry, as well as the measures that are still waiting for us,” Gröhling said.

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