The head of the Sloboda a Solidarita party, Richard Sulík, believes that their renegade Martin Klus voted with the coalition on Tuesday in exchange for something, “for example, some warm place in Brussels,” he said at a press conference on Wednesday.

According to his words, Klus first helped, together with the liberals, to prevent the We are a family proposal to reduce the value added tax (VAT) for ski lifts, cable cars and water parks from the beginning of next year until the end of April next year from 20 to 10 percent. Sulík clarified that the proposal did not pass by exactly one vote, for which he personally thanked Klus, according to his words.

A few minutes later, during the vote on changes to the rules in the second pillar of pension savings, Martin Klus presented himself. “I don’t understand how a person who has been cooperating for many years with a party for which higher taxes are a red line and is obviously identified with it, can suddenly and consciously contribute with his vote to the quorum of the parliament, because without his vote it would not exist. He allowed the taxing of pensions to pass subsequently,” said Sulík.

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