The dog got cold! The well-known American conspirator Alex Jones must pay 4 million euros in compensation for the proven spread of lies.

The jury has so far only decided on the financial aspect of the punishment. Whether Jones will also go to prison is yet to be decided. Jones makes a living by making up various conspiracy theories. He claims, for example, that the US government uses special weapons to cause tornadoes and floods, or that chemicals in drinking water cause homosexuality in frogs. Simpler people “eat” these lies to him, and Jones has online stores linked to his website, in which he sells nutritional supplements and weapon accessories.

In the case of the Sandy Hook school shooting conspiracy theory, however, the scythe fell on the stone. In 2012, 20 children and 6 adults were shot there. However, Jones claimed that no such thing happened and that the parents of the dead children are hired actors. The government allegedly rigged it to limit the right to bear arms. Multiple parents took him to court, and Jones lost all of them because he couldn’t produce a single piece of evidence for his lies.

However, not a single court has yet ordered him financial compensation. However, Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin, who lost their son Jesse Lewis († 6) in the shooting, demanded 150 million in court to set a precedent. Jones’s supporters threatened them and had to hire security. The jury finally awarded them 4 million euros.

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