For several days now, the Polish media have been following the case of parents from Warsaw who left a message for their teenage son at home and disappeared. The police are looking for the married couple. The portal wrote on Thursday that it is not excluded that the couple from the Polish part of the Tatras moved to Slovakia.

“Guys, you’re smart. You’ll manage in life. We’re proud of you,” wrote Aneta and Adam to their sons, who are 14 and 17 years old. They disappeared on the night of May 21. Their relatives immediately informed the police about the matter on May 21.

The police in Zakopane said on Wednesday that the couple slept in one of the mountain huts from Monday to Tuesday, and were recognized by its employees. They said they behaved normally and, like other guests, checked in at night and left in the morning. Where they went, however, is not clear. The mountain service was looking for the couple, but when information appeared that they had moved to Slovakia, the action was interrupted.

The owner of a boarding house in Ždiar on the Slovak side of the Tatras told the portal that the couple spent the night at his place from Tuesday to Wednesday. On Wednesday morning he wanted them to pay and show him the documents so he could record them. They gave him money and told him that they were terribly hungry and that they had to do some shopping first and they would complete the formalities later. But they never came back. When the owner of the guesthouse read on the Internet about the search for people who looked like his guests from Poland, he informed the Polish and Slovak police.

According to unofficial information, in Ždiar the couple boarded a bus going to Poprad. The police have not yet charged them with anything. However, it is not excluded that they could have committed a crime when they left their son under the age of 15 without care, writes This is punishable by up to three years in prison in Poland.

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