He puts a smile on your face with his beautiful works! Autist Riško (13) from Nemcoviec (Prešov district) published a wonderful calendar with his pieces, which he creates using non-traditional methods. The boy has already painted a hundred works, some using pršteks, others with crumpled foil or pouring paint directly on the canvas, and all his pictures stand out with their colorfulness, which turned out to be ideal for a wall calendar.

“We thought that we should publish a calendar so that we could give gifts to everyone who helped us, and everyone who wanted to help us could buy it,” said Riška’s devoted mother Iveta Pankuchová (36). The wall calendar contains an envelope with Riško with his picture and twelve pages with dates and names. One for each month. It is printed in A3 size and costs eight euros.

So far, they have printed 50 pieces, but if the interest exceeds expectations, they will prepare a reprint. All pictures are authentic. “No one interferes with Rišek’s work. He prefers to paint with crumpled foil. Recently, however, he also developed a taste for the technique of pouring paint on canvas. He imagines it’s an avalanche. However, he also applies colors to the canvas with a fork or even a hammer. Riško portrays everything he is afraid of. Black clouds, fog or storm. That’s how he gets rid of fear,” added Iveta. The talented autistic boy is also preparing an exhibition in one of the shopping centers in Prešov, which will be opened in November.

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