Authorities in Chesapeake, Virginia, on Friday released a farewell letter to a Walmart employee who shot six people and then committed suicide on Tuesday.

TASR took over the report from the AFP agency. Shooter Andre Bing († 31) worked as a night shift supervisor at Walmart in the city of Chesapeake, about 240 kilometers southeast of the US capital Washington. In the letter, he complained about harassment at work and asked God for forgiveness.

Local authorities on Friday released a message they found on the gunman’s phone. “I’m sorry God I let you down, it wasn’t your fault, it was mine. I was harassed by idiots with low intelligence and lack of knowledge. I was equally guilty of letting down my management team and everyone who loved me by convincing them I was normal,” the link reads.

Bing apologized for his actions saying: “I’m sorry everyone, but I didn’t plan this. He felt as if he was “led by Satan” to the act. “I wish I could save everyone from myself. May God forgive me for what I am about to do,” the letter reads.

Bing you on the day of the incident he legally bought the weapon he used in the attack, authorities in the city of Chesapeake said. According to the police, the man started shooting at approximately 10:00 p.m. local time on Tuesday in a room where store employees were gathering before the start of the shift.

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