He was already toying with the idea of ​​retiring from sports, but his hockey career continues! We are talking about the vice-champion of the world from 2012 and the former captain of the national team, Dominik Graňák (39), who agreed on a contract with the most famous Czech club at the end of the week.

The experienced defender signed a one-month contract with Sparta Prague for the time being, and then both parties will decide whether to continue the cooperation!

After the last season, Graňák’s contract in Pilsen expired and he then began to seriously consider the end of his long and successful career. “We’ll see if there are any offers and when I go on the ice, it will be important if I still have the desire to play hockey and complete the next season.” an experienced defender told Nový Čas a few weeks ago.

Dominik has been training with Trenčín for the last few weeks, and it was not ruled out that he will play a season in Dukla, where he grew up playing hockey, and then end his career.


“However, I received an unexpected phone call from the management of Sparta Prague, where they told me that they needed help if I would not come. After a mutual debate, I nodded and we agreed on a monthly contract,” continued Graňák.

“Then we’ll see how I feel on the ice and whether Sparta likes my performance. If not, we will end it, if it goes well, the cooperation will be extended,” said Dominik flatly, who has already completed his first training sessions. In the first one, he was even in defense with compatriot Milan Jurčin, who is also 39 years old.


“We laughed with Domino that we are the oldest defense in the league and maybe even in Europe. I’m glad to have a compatriot in the cabin, we know each other very well and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him to stay in the team,” said Jurčina.

It is also interesting that the former representative’s first foreign job was also Prague, but the rival team Slavia. “Some of the guys in the cabin were already saying that there are a lot of Slavists in the squad (laughter). I started in Slavia and everything indicates that I will end my career in Sparta,” added Graňák at the end, who could make his debut in the Prague club in today’s Champions League home match against Sweden’s Luley.


– born: June 11, 1983 in Havířov

– post: defender

– clubs: Trenčín, Slavia Prague, Färjestad, Rögle, Dinamo Moscow, Fribourg, Hradec Králové, Karlovy Vary, Pilsen, Sparta Prague

– top achievements: silver at the World Cup, two-time winner of the KHL, champion of the Czech Republic and Sweden

Aubameyang missed the match with Slavia due to malaria.

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