In connection with the crime of dangerous electronic harassment, cyberbullying, the police recommend not to respond to suspicious e-mails or phone calls, and ideally to block the sender.

He reminds that if someone suspects that he has become a victim of fraud, he can file a criminal complaint. Denisa Bárdyová, spokeswoman for the Presidium of the Police Force, stated this for TASR.

“It is necessary for a citizen who becomes a victim of this crime to contact the nearest department of the Police Force and in no case try to solve the matter on his own,” she emphasized. She added that it is equally important to obtain the electronic evidence necessary to identify and convict the perpetrator.

The victim should therefore back up the communication with the fraudster and also keep the delivered or published materials that prove the commission of a crime in electronic form.

“In any case, the police proceed in a manner regulated by law, and in order to identify the perpetrator, they have legal options to obtain information important for criminal proceedings,” specified the spokeswoman and added that the police need to be given all essential information for the next procedure.

At the same time, Bárdyová drew attention to the virtual space of the Internet, which is constantly abused for committing criminal activities all over the world through social networks and e-mails. “All the more so when, due to the pandemic, communication via computers or mobile phones is especially preferred,” she explained. Therefore, the police do not recommend publishing information of a personal or intimate nature on the Internet, which could be misused here.

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