A cold-blooded murder shakes Italy. Alessandra Matteuzzi († 56) was robbed of her life in a hideous way by the footballer Giovanni Padovani (27), her ex-boyfriend!

A few weeks before the tragedy, Matteuzzi reported her ex-boyfriend to the police. The reason was supposed to be that he was constantly following her.

Padovani worked in the Italian Serie D, i.e. the fourth highest competition. He left his club before one of the cup matches, citing personal problems as the reason. Later, he wanted to rejoin his employer from Sancataldese, but the club rejected him.

According to the police, it was a premeditated murder. Giovanni ambushed his former partner in front of the entrance to the block of flats while she was on the phone with her sister. “No, Giovanni, no, please help me,” Stefania told Italian television with tears in her eyes.

The details of the whole act are chilling. “I immediately called the police, who came right away, but it was too late. Meanwhile, he beat her with a hammer,” continued the sister of the murdered Matteuzzi, who worked as a sales representative in the fashion industry.

The football defender should have used a baseball bat in addition to the hammer. Based on the neighbors’ statements, it can be assumed that he had a tendency to be aggressive earlier, as he broke kitchen utensils or a light several times in anger.

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