Traffic in Bratislava is starting to get complicated again in some places on Wednesday morning. Traffic accidents and convoys are reported. The Zelená vlna RTVS and the Stella center draw attention to this.

They are documenting the accident at the intersection of Bajkalská and Prievozská streets in the direction of the Přístavné mostone lane is blocked. The accident is also being removed on Gagarinova street behind the pump in the direction out of the city, where two cars collided. The right lane is blocked. The accident also happened at the intersection of Tomášikova and Drieňova streetsdrivers should not linger there.

Drivers spend approximately 15 minutes standing in a queue on the D1 highway from Zlaté Piesk in the direction of Prístavný most, within ten minutes on the D2 highway from Stupava in the direction of Lamač.

Traffic slows down suddenly due to an accident on the D1 near Blatno in the direction of Bratislava, a broken-down car is blocking the right lane there.

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