The tripartite party agreed on Monday to help energy-intensive businesses in connection with increased energy prices.

This was announced by Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OĽANO) together with other government officials and representatives of social partners during the meeting of the Economic and Social Council of the Slovak Republic. The scheme should help approximately 50,000 employees working in energy-intensive enterprises. For this year, this support should amount to 40 million euros.

The prime minister explained that the energy-intensive employers came up with a specific proposal, which they agreed on and which will be implemented. It should be about activating an already existing aid scheme. Labor Minister Milan Krajniak (We are a family) clarified that assistance to energy-intensive enterprises means security for approximately 50,000 employees who work in such enterprises.

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance (MF) of the Slovak Republic, Marcel Klimek, stated that the solution for energy-intensive businesses will be quick and budget-friendly. He calculated that for this year it will represent an item in the volume of 40 million euros. “It will depend on the energy intensity, respectively on the distribution tariffs that these energy-intensive companies pay,” zoomed in.

At the same time, the Ministry of Economy (MH) of the Slovak Republic plans to negotiate further and seek a solution with large employers next year. The State Secretary of the Department of Economy, Peter Švec, added that they want to look for the best alternative in order to protect the economy and industry and keep employment under control.

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