If the elections to the National Council (NR) of the Slovak Republic were held in November, the Hlas-SD party would win them with 19.5 percent of the vote. The second would be Smer-SD with 16 percent, the third Progressive Slovakia would have 11.5 percent of the votes. This follows from a survey by the AKO agency for the TV show Joj Na hrane.

SaS would also get into the National Council of the Slovak Republic with the support of 10.8 percent. According to the survey, OĽANO would get 7.5 percent of the votes. We are the family would finish behind him with the support of 6.9 percent of the voters. The Republic would also get into the parliament with a gain of 6.3 percent of the votes and the KDH with the support of 6.1 percent of the voters.

The SNS would remain at the gates of the parliament with a gain of 4.2 percent, also the Alliance with a gain of 2.6 percent of the votes. Even ĽSNS and Za lúdí would not get into the NR SR, they would get 1.9 percent of the votes each. Hungarian Forum (1.8 percent) and Good Choice and Moderation (1.5 percent) would also gain more than one percent.

The National Coalition/Independent candidates (0.7 percent), Spolu – civil democracy (0.4 percent), Život – national party (0.3 percent) and Modern Slovakia Party (0.1 percent) would be below the one percent threshold. .

According to the survey results, Hlas-SD would win 35 seats in the parliament, Smer-SD 29. Progressive Slovakia would occupy 20 seats, SaS one less. They are followed by OĽANO with 13 mandates, We are a family with 12 mandates, Republika and KDH would occupy 11 seats each.

Data collection for the survey took place from November 8 to 11 on a representative sample of 1,000 respondents.

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