Government measures combined with record inflation, energy price increases, as well as an amendment to the planned amendment to the Income Tax Act, which will take 784 million euros from municipalities for the so-called tax bonus, are liquidating for cities and municipalities.

Most of them have to resort to unpopular measures, i.e. increasing local taxes and fees, which does not even bypass Banská Bystrica. Mayor Ján Nosko stated this on Thursday.

“The measures from the workshop of the Minister of Finance are liquidating for us. Just like during the pandemic or the refugee crisis, it has become clear now that the state does not consider us as partners and refuses to communicate with us. Although the proposed package and the introduction of a tax bonus looks like a popular decision for citizens , all the money that the families receive from it was taken by the state from the municipalities.In the case of Banská Bystrica, it is 4.7 million euros, which will be missing from the budget. From the beginning, we warned the government that we would take these funds back from the people, because many of us have no choice but to increase local taxes, fees for municipal waste or kindergartens. we have no other choice” emphasized Nosko.

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