On Wednesday (November 9), the grand premiere of the new comedy Circus Maximum took place. One of the main characters was the actress Hana Gregorová (70), who played the character of the card reader. She also appeared at the premiere with her boyfriend Ondřej Koptík (37) and a group from the Hungarian village of Rajka, where the actress has a house.

Actor colleagues from Hranica, however, did not appear despite the invitation. It’s only been a few days since the new movie Circus Maximum was released. It also stars Hana Gregorová, who invited a few of her colleagues from the series Hranica to the performance. However, they did not show up as well as her children.

They both have a lot of work responsibilities now“, Gregorová defended their absence. So at least her younger friend Ondřej came to support her, whom the photographers immediately took for granted. “Sure, this is an experience, not a premiere,” commented Hana teasingly, who also invited a few friends from Rajka, where she often stays.

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