The significant failure of members of the National Council (NR) of the Slovak Republic as candidates in the October joint municipal elections may be due to the effect of punishing current politicians. The style of politics at the national level, with which many voters do not identify, may also have contributed to this. This was stated by several political scientists for TASR.

They also remind that work at the municipal or regional level requires personal contact and intensive communication with citizensnot a long distance relationship.

“During local or regional elections, voters are often willing to take greater risks and punish politicians and the government for its performance. The results achieved by prominent personalities can also be attributed to a certain extent to defiance,” stated researcher Matúš Sloboda from the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of the Comenius University in Bratislava.

As he claims, the worse result could also be attributed to the fact that these politicians did not have much capacity for the pre-election campaign. For objective reasons, they were in Bratislava, so they did not have to be visible in their region or constituency at the right time. Nevertheless, he sees more weight in the effect of their punishment by the voters.

According to the political scientist, a very specific example is Bratislava, where the results at the city, regional, and often local levels were “overwhelmed” by the coalition Team Bratislava, SaS and PS. According to him, the candidates who were not part of it had a much more difficult position to win the elections, since the number of mandates for deputies per constituency is limited. “This is also why some personalities, of political caliber, did not get into the council,” noted Sloboda.

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