A chilling accident. The police are investigating Wednesday’s collision, which happened on the D1 highway in the section from Hlohovec to Trnava.

The driver (38) of the truck got a flat tire on the road and decided to repair it directly on the highway. However, he almost paid for it with his life. Another oncoming truck with a Pole behind the wheel crashed into a parked truck. Both men survived, but ended up in hospital with serious injuries.

“According to initial information from the accident scene, the truck driver suffered a puncture during transport. Another truck hit the parked truck in the right lane. Both drivers were seriously injured in the accident. An air rescue crew landed at the scene. The exact causes and circumstances are being investigated by the police at the scene“, the police informed.

The driver, who was hit by the second truck, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. “The driver suffered chest and head injuries. In a stabilized condition, he was airlifted to the hospital in Nitra,” said Z. Hopjaková, spokeswoman for air rescuers. The Polish driver also suffered serious injuries. He was taken to the Trnava hospital, where he is in a trauma unit in a stable condition.

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