Russian President Vladimir Putin today once again criticized the politics of the West as bloody and dirty, denying the sovereignty of states and nations and trying to appropriate all the resources and wealth of humanity.

Among other things, he reproached the West for “inciting the war in Ukraine”, which, however, was unleashed by the head of the Russian state with his order for the invasion of Russian troops into the neighboring country on February 24. According to Putin, Russia is only defending its right to exist. At the same time, the President claimed that the West will have to start an equal conversation about a common future in global affairs. “The sooner, the better,” Putin said, according to the TASS agency, during an appearance at the Valdai debate club.

In the world, according to Putin, there is a degradation of world institutions, an erosion of the principle of collective security and to the replacement of international law with Western “rules”, which in reality, according to him, only lead to the fact that “global powers can live without any rules and everything gets away with them”.

“Power over the world is what the West has bet on in its game. This game is dangerous, it rejects the sovereignty of nations, their individuality and uniqueness,” declared Putin. He characterized the politics of the West as “bloody and dirty”. “It rejects the sovereignty of countries and peoples, their individuality and uniqueness, it does not look at the interests of other states in the slightest,” he noted. Any criticism of the West is then called the “hand of the Kremlin”, which is, according to Putin, “babbling”. In his speech, Putin also used the term “blindness from superiority” from a former lecture by the Soviet and Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn at Harvard.

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