The infidelity scandal tightens around his neck like a noose. The frontman of the popular band Maroon 5, Adam Levin (43), has been accused by a fifth young woman of sending really spicy messages. The shocking part is that his wife, model Behati Prinsloo (34) is expecting their third child with him!

Victoria’s Secret Angels are not enough for him! Prinsloo and Levine’s eight-year marriage is rocking to its foundations. Everything was started by the model Sumner Stroh (23), who admitted her romance with Adam in a video on the Tik Tok network. As proof, she shared their conversation with an erotic undertone on the network.

In a bizarre message from June, he even asked her if he could name his third child after her, which really disgusted Sumner. Adam admitted the whole thing on his Instagram, but according to him it was just flirting, nothing physical

“I had the bad judgment to flirt with someone other than my wife. I didn’t have an affair, yet I crossed the line during a deplorable time in my life,” Levine wrote. However, his confession does not match Sumner’s claim, who admitted to Page Six that their relationship was physical.

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