Insulation of apartment buildings should be easier thanks to EUR 48 million from Eurofunds. Due to the increase in the Integrated Regional Operational Program (IROP) from the REACT-EU anti-crisis package, there will be more money to reduce the energy intensity of apartment buildings.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Investment Veronika Remišová (For People) also informed that it will be much easier for owners of flats and non-residential premises to obtain a loan for reconstruction from the State Housing Development Fund (SFRB).

“We have concluded an agreement with the Ministry of Transport and Construction and SFRB, which will improve the lives of thousands of people in all regions of Slovakia. We have set aside up to 47.8 million euros to support comprehensive and partial renovation of apartment buildings throughout Slovakia, including in Bratislava. end, “ Remišová announced.

Support for the renovation of apartment buildings will be provided through long-term soft loans to owners of apartments and non-residential premises, with a repayment period of 20 years.

The IROP program will support activities such as improving the thermal and technical properties of building structures, modernization of heating systems, including distribution and hydraulic regulation. Furthermore, installation of thermoregulation valves, installation of measurement and control systems / heat consumption meters to reduce energy consumption. In addition, the modernization of lighting to reduce energy consumption, modernization of elevators to reduce energy consumption. Also the elimination of system failures of apartment buildings by thermal insulation in order to reduce energy consumption.

The eligible period for granting loans is until 31 December next year, with the first loans to be granted later this year. The conditions for providing support, as well as other information, can be found on the SFRB website. The interest rate depends on the type of purpose of the loan support and is in the range of zero to two percent.

To date, the IROP has provided almost € 171 million to the SFRB, which has been used to cover 582 loans.

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