Stress before the beginning of December. The management of several hospitals in Slovakia is worried about how health care will function after the notice period for two thousand doctors has expired.

Medical facilities are preparing for crisis scenarios, which also include the fact that in a few days they will start informing patients about the postponement of their operations. Negotiations are still ongoing at the Ministry of Health, and according to trade unionists, it is currently tied to an agreement for 40 million euros.

The head of the medical negotiators, Peter Visolajský, reported on Tuesday that the doctors gave in on the salary conditions and agreed to the government’s offer on basic wages. However, they still did not agree on the fact that for years of experience, the doctor’s salary should be increased according to the coefficient of 0.03, which means about 36 euros.

“What separates us from a compromise on salaries is 40 million euros. Which is a really negligible amount in the healthcare budget. It is a question of the willingness of the Minister of Finance,” said Visolajský. Today, they are supposed to receive an offer from the government to end the resignations in protest. During Monday and Tuesday, they discussed eight points at the Government Office and the Ministry of Health, which they gradually discussed. “The main points are agreed,” said Lengvarský.

Visolajský did not talk about problems in areas other than salary requirements. According to Visolajský, the response from the hospitals is that they have other resignations from Prešov and Košice. Minister of Finance Igor Matovič stated that doctors are being offered an extra 309 million euros. “Which means a 35% salary increase for certified doctors. It’s final – we can’t give more. Trade unionists insist on a demand to increase basic salaries by 59% year on year. If we do not accept this offer, after the first of December, the original one will apply – increase salaries by 100%,” added Matovič.

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