People should not stop prescribed antibiotic treatment even when they feel better, it is important to observe the time intervals between individual doses. The State Institute for the Control of Medicines (ŠÚKL) recalls this on the social network. ŠÚKL emphasized that patients should only take antibiotics when prescribed by a doctor.

Do not put pressure on the doctor if he does not want to prescribe you an antibiotic. Also, don’t ask a pharmacist to sell you an antibiotic if you don’t have a prescription,” he clarified.

For the most effective destruction of bacteria, according to experts, it is necessary to administer antibiotics for a specified period of time, i.e. not to end the treatment earlier. “In case of premature termination of treatment, antibiotics will not have time to destroy all bacteriawhich can result in the return of the infection and also the emergence of antibiotic resistance,” the institute pointed out.

According to experts, the antibiotic is effective only if it reaches a certain dose in the body, which needs to be maintained. It is therefore important to observe the intervals between individual doses. “If you don’t take the dose of the medicine on time, the concentration of the antibiotic will decrease and, consequently, its effectiveness will decrease,” explained ŠÚKL.

It also reminds that many diseases can be preventedwhile the basis is proper hand hygiene and completion of mandatory vaccinations.

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