It flared up quickly, it was over quickly! It was not so long ago, in March of this year, when actress Kristína Svarinská (33) exclusively admitted to Nové Čas that she was head over heels in love. Her heart was won by YouTuber Expl0ited (26), who was seven years younger than her, whom she looked up to during the dance show Let’s Dance. According to our information, their love has run out of steam and it is not excluded that the reason is precisely the lack of time and workload.

The artist works most of the time in Prague, and the young man has his business in his native Slovakia. However, he should have been the one who got his boots nicely polished.

Actress Svarinská does not have much luck in love and still has not found a man with whom to connect her life. Until recently, it seemed that she had found a happy ending alongside YouTuber Peter Altof or Expl0ited, whom she met at the beginning of the year during the Let’s Dance show.

It was there that Kristína drilled herself on the floor and was supported the whole time by a well-known blonde from the audience. The lovebirds spent a lot of time together at that time, as Svarinská stayed in Slovakia due to demanding training. After the end of the show, they still “mucked around” for a few months, but that’s over.

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