The most beautiful time of the year will once again be magical for Easterners. Christmas markets will return to Hlavná ulica in the eastern metropolis after a two-year break. Workers of the Košice Municipal Forestry are already gradually importing and placing ton wooden stands for market vendors in the center of the city. Residents of Košice can look forward to grilled and meatless delicacies, souvenirs, traditional mayor’s punch and many other delicacies.

Preparations for the busiest Christmas markets in the Košice region are at their peak. By the end of November, the workers of the Municipal Forests of Košice need to gradually bring dozens of iconic wooden stands to Košice’s Hlavná Street. which will already be filled with a wide variety of Christmas goods and goodies on December 3.

Miroslav Zajac, member of the board and economic deputy of the Košice Municipal Forests, said that they started placing the stands on Tuesday, November 22, and should finish by Friday. “In our management, we place 26 of our stands and 8 stands belonging to the city of Košice. The other stalls will be brought by the market stalls and laid out by themselves,” said Zajac.

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