In addition to the offer for a stabilization allowance for health workers in hospitals, the government will also come up with a proposal for attractive conditions for a recruitment allowance.

This was announced by Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OĽANO). He welcomes the promise of representatives of the Medical Trade Union Association to waive the requirements for doctors’ employment contracts. TASR’s opinion was provided by the press department of the Slovak Government Office. The Prime Minister clarified that the goal of the recruitment contribution is to solve the long-term shortage of medical professionals. He also pointed out that Thursday’s call by the Slovak Medical Chamber (SLK), which encourages the LOZ to accept the government’s initial offer on doctors’ salaries, shows that it was attractive enough.

SLK asks the government and trade unions to accept the latest proposal of the Slovak government to increase the coefficients, not a proposal for stabilization contributions, and an agreement was reached. The head of the Department of Health, Vladimír Lengvarský (OĽANO nominee), announced after Thursday’s negotiations that the ministry had agreed with the medical trade unionists on seven points of the memorandum. Salaries that are not within the purview of the Ministry of Health still remain unresolved.

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