He saved a technical gem! The artistic blacksmith Vladimír Eperješi (47) from Košice surprised the public again.

In your backyard in the city center in a craft alley he made a faithful miniature of the famous Mezzev hammer. Former President Rudolf Schuster also praised the fully functional work.

The old craft will be introduced to the public by the experienced guild master Vladimír Eperješi, who reconstructed a miniature of the blacksmith’s workshop. “It was initiated by ex-president Rudolf Schuster, who comes from Medzev, and the local hammer, its miniature, is with me. When he learned that it also works, he himself received only praise from the former head of state, “Eperješi is happy, who also reconstructed the hammer with the help and contribution of the Košice self-governing region for exactly a year.

“It is a complete wooden structure and it is a half hammer, which is half the size of the Mezzev original. It is an ingenious construction of ancestors who used the power of nature at work. The heart of this workshop, or hammer, is the water wheel. It uses water energy to run blacksmith hammers, “said the expert.

In the aforementioned alley of crafts in Košice, the public and school students will have the opportunity to see examples of forges of various objects and even try it. Rastislav Trnka, the mayor of Košice, used it as the firstwho, with the assistance of a blacksmith, shook a symbolic dove of peace.

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