Instead of the most beautiful holidays of the year, they experienced the scariest! A bloody battle took place in the apartment building on Ukrainska Street in Michalovce on the night of December 25-26.

A trio of brothers broke into the apartment of the unsuspecting family of Michal (39) and beat him head-to-head. The man, who suffers from chronic heart failure and diabetes, suffered multiple injuries. His life was saved by his son, who did not hesitate and stood up to the bullies. The case is already being solved by the police, the perpetrators are in custody.

While sleeping, Michal was disturbed by a loud banging on the front door. According to his own words, he opened the door thinking that something had happened and also because he recognized one of the now accused brothers – Erik, through the peephole in the door. “They literally kicked in my door. I believe they were under the influence of drugs,” thinks the attacked businessman from Michaloviec. After opening the door, the trio brutally attacked him.

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