The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) of the Slovak Republic violated the law on public procurement during the contract for the management of the process of registration, transport and care of refugees, which it implemented through direct negotiations. This follows from the decision of the Office for Public Procurement (ÚVO), which was legally confirmed by the Council of the ÚVO.

The Ministry of the Interior disagrees with the council’s decision. He considers it inconsistent with both the law and the facts and advises all legal means to correct it. “In the case of both identified violations of the law, according to the council, the conduct of the auditee could have had an impact on the outcome of the public procurement“, the spokeswoman of the ÚVO, Janka Zvončeková, stated for TASR. According to her, the further procedural procedure of the office depends on the possible fulfillment of the facts of the administrative offense, which the office verifies in a special proceeding.

As part of the order, in March the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic concluded a framework agreement worth two million euros with Dustream production. “The contract with the company was terminated as of June 10, 2022, and the ministry is currently providing activities on the eastern border with its own capacities,” the department’s press department told TASR.

The Council of the ÚVO decided on the matter after the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic appealed against the first-instance decision of the office. Based on the facts found by the office, it assessed how the department dealt with a potential conflict of interest and the violation of the law in relation to the evaluation of the condition of participation in a personal capacity.

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