The Ministry of the Interior (MV) of the Slovak Republic is preparing humanitarian aid for Ukraine for the winter months. The resort procures power plants, blankets and bed sets. TASR was informed about this by the spokeswoman of the MV Zuzana Eliášová.

“Humanitarian aid sent to Ukraine not only helps manage crisis situations associated with a lack of commodities, but also creates a prerequisite for better management of a potential wave of emigrants. Many citizens of Ukraine want to stay on its territory, but if they do not have suitable conditions to survive the winter, they will have no choice but to move to safe countries, including Slovakia.” Minister of the Interior Roman Mikulec (OĽANO) explained.

Department of economic security of the economy section of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic procures power plants (119 pieces), fleece blankets (12,940 pieces), quilts (2,300 pieces), pillows (2,300 pieces), sheets (2,300 pieces) and bed sets (2,300 pieces). The resort is also working on securing car first aid kits.

The Ministry of the Interior also reminded that a logistics hub operated by the Slovak Republic with financial support from the EU in cooperation with commercial entities has been operating since March. Since its opening, 2,358.2 tons of material of various kinds sent from other EU member states worth 47,636,531.62 euros have passed through the hub.

“These days, the Ukrainian side also received Slovak humanitarian aid in the form of five power plants, electrical installation material and 20,000 FFP3 respirators, all through the European Civil Protection Mechanism,” the spokeswoman explained. She added that in the past, for example, fire trucks were handed over to the Fire and Rescue Service.

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