A collection of Celtic coins worth several million euros was stolen from a museum in the German city of Manching on Tuesday.

The staff of this institution found that subject “the display case is broken and the entire collection of gold coins is gone”, the local police told the AFP news agency.

Investigators did not immediately provide any additional details about the circumstances of the robbery, but authorities there warned of interruptions to telephone and Internet services. “They cut off all of Manching. The museum is a heavily guarded place, but all connections with the police have been cut. Professionals were working here,” said Mayor Herbert Nerb. The disappearance of the treasure is a “complete disaster” for this Bavarian city, he added.

A set of 450 gold coins was an ornament of the Celtic and Roman Museum in Manching (KRMM). Coins discovered in 1999 date back to the third century BC and, according to the police, are worth “several million euros”, reports AFP.

This case is the latest in a series of “big” and publicity-grabbing thefts in German museums. In 2017, an oversized gold coin with a face value of one million Canadian dollars was stolen from the prestigious Bode Museum in Berlin. It was one of the specimens of the six-part series called Big Maple Leaf.

A coin weighing 100 kilograms is considered the second largest gold coin in the world. Its market value at that time was approximately four million USD. In 2019, thieves took 21 pieces of historical jewelry and other valuables from the Green Vault museum in Dresden. To this day, no trace of the jewels remains. According to experts, the theft caused damage for at least 113.8 million euros.

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