He is resigning from the post of a high official! Czech football player Pavel Nedvěd (50) is known in Turin as a Juventus player, where he worked for eight years. After the end of his career, he was lured into management and recently worked as the vice president of the black and white club.

However, that is now in the past and he resigned from his position. This happened after the management of the club, together with Pavlo, became the target of an investigation for falsifying accounting. Darin’s beloved is out of work, but according to the singer, they are definitely not afraid of anything and they want to finish their plans with a villa by the lake in Italy.

Nedvěd worked in Juventus Turin in the years 2001 – 2009. Then he moved from the field to “behind the scenes” and spent the last years basking in the position of vice president of the club. A few months ago, its management was wanted by the police, which prosecuted him for fraud related to the falsification of accounting when the officials were supposed to pay themselves high commissions. Despite the fact that they were acquitted in April of this year, they have been targeted again since October. After club president Andrea Agnelli said goodbye to Turin, he was followed by Nedvěd himself and executive director Maurizio Arrivabene.

Plans don’t change

Dara stands by her chosen one in all circumstances. “From the point of view of his partner, I can only conclude that it is not a surprising or unexpected decision. When a boss steps down, his army naturally follows him. It’s a sign of loyalty. And, as they say, when something ends, something else begins, or everything bad is good for something. It’s not a tragedy, just a natural development of things,” she told Nové Čas.

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