The wait for his knives is even three months! After years, Paľo Blaho (48) from Senac said goodbye to his job in an IT company and started producing unique knives. He cannot complain about the lack of work, because his creations are in great demand. They are mostly bought by amateur cooks, but in addition to them, professionals also use them in the kitchen.

Paľo has been making knives for 10 years, but at first it was just a hobby. Today, however, it is already his main profession. “I worked as a designer and consultant in the IT field in several companies, I even trained and taught at a gymnasium. But I needed a change. And what I had until then as a hobby, I turned into my own business.” revealed Paľo, who definitively decided to devote himself to the production of knives after he did not get along with his boss at work. And now he finally has time for his family.

“I have a wife, three children and I’m old enough to know where my priorities are. I want to spend time with them that’s also why from the beginning I actually print about 10-15 orders in front of me and if possible, I don’t do it in stock. Almost all knives are made to order and in advance they have their owner. The waiting period is also three months,” he added. “It was a challenge, but you can make a living from it,” he said, adding that the market has been operating for almost three years.

The customers are mainly Slovaks

Surprisingly, expensive knives are mostly bought by clients from Slovakia. “I’m glad that they found their way, especially to our people. Mostly women buy them for their husbands as a gift, but in the end they use them in the kitchen. However, I have already sold several knives abroad. A few pieces went to America and a few are also in Europe. In addition to Germany, they also ended up in Great Britain,” added Paľo with a smile.

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