The child allowance will be increased to 60 euros per month. A one-time increase in the allowance in the amount of 110 euros for children entering the first year of primary school will also be re-introduced. On Thursday, the President of the Slovak Republic Zuzana Čaputová signed an amendment to the law on child allowance, which mentions this.

The increase in the amount of the child allowance was originally proposed to 50 euros. Based on the amending proposal of one of the authors of the amendment to the law, Petra Krištúfková (We are a family) however, its amount will be 60 euros. She suggested this in connection with the shift in the effectiveness of the allowance for financing the child’s leisure activities. At the same time, she stated that this amendment to the law will save the payment of the allowance at the beginning of the school year.

At the same time, the restriction on the income of a child placed in foster care will be completely abolished. The MP pointed out that currently such a child can cumulatively earn a maximum of three times the amount of the subsistence minimum during 12 calendar months. Earnings above this amount are included in the child’s income, and the child’s recurring allowance is deducted from the amount of these incomes in individual months.

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