Russian President Vladimir Putin is failing in Ukraine and wants to “use the winter as a weapon”, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Tuesday before the meeting of foreign ministers of the Alliance countries in Bucharest. TASR took over the news from AFP and Sky News.

According to the head of the NATO organization, one must be prepared for the fact that as a result of Russia’s “deliberate attack on critical services, heating, light, water or gas, more refugees will come to the rest of Europe”.

Stoltenberg further stated that allies supplied generators and spare parts to Ukraine to help Kyiv restore damaged power facilities. He added that NATO expects further missile attacks on civilian targets in response to Russia’s military failures, DPA writes.

At the meeting in the Romanian capital, NATO foreign ministers will focus on increasing military aid, for example on defense systems and ammunition for Ukraine.

They will also discuss non-military aid, such as fuel or medical or winter equipment. Ukraine is preparing for colder weather precisely at the time of Russian attacks on energy infrastructure objects.

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