Nothing other than an agreement with doctors solves the current situation with doctors’ resignations, thinks the vice-chairman of the non-parliamentary Hlas-SD and MP Richard Raši. Member of the non-parliamentary KDH Monika Kolejáková considers it necessary to put aside any personal animosities of the negotiating parties and finally reach an agreement in favor of the patient.

The stabilization allowance, which was proposed to health workers on Wednesday by the Minister of Finance Igor Matovič (OĽANO), called Raši another “nuclear woman”. “350 million euros per year was supposed to be used to increase the salaries of doctors and other health workers, so they will receive 400 million gross for three years. That is approximately as much as they would receive in addition to their salaries every year,” he concluded. According to him, the biggest crisis in recent years will break out in the health sector from December.

KDH calls on the government and the Medical Trade Union (LOZ) to stop gambling with patients’ health. “One thing emerges from this round of statements by both negotiating parties – the consequences will again be felt especially by patients,” pointed out Kolejáková. According to her, a fundamental question arises as to who will be responsible for not providing adequate health care and in an adequate time.

The government offers medical workers who remain in hospitals a stabilization allowance. Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OĽANO) and Minister of Health Vladimír Lengvarský (OĽANO nominee) informed about this after Wednesday’s meeting of the central crisis staff. According to the Prime Minister, the effort to sign a memorandum with LOZ has failed for now. If the doctors fulfill the threat of mass dismissals, Lengvarský will propose to the government the introduction of a state of emergency from December 1.

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