The Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic does not agree with the intention to change the requirements for the qualification of the chief hygienist and the appointment of regional hygienists. Changes are to be brought about by the amending proposal of the member of parliament Marek Krajčí (OĽANO) to the draft amendment to the Act on the Protection, Support and Development of Public Health.

It was approved by the parliamentary committee for health on Tuesday. ÚVZ concluded that the proposal leads to a fundamental and unjustified reduction in the quality of public healthcare.

According to him, the change would make it possible for a person without appropriate professional qualifications to become the chief hygienist of the Slovak Republic. According to him, they should also make it impossible to manage and control regional offices through the chief hygienist.

The office also criticized that the proposal was passed without a proper public professional discussion and comment procedure. “ÚVZ SR learned about the amendment proposal only after the meeting of the health committee,” stated its spokeswoman Daša Račková.

Krajčí responded that the chief hygienist of the Slovak Republic, Ján Mikas, is going against the Ministry of Health (MZ) SR, because according to him the amendment was approved by the head of the department Vladimír Lengvarský (OĽANO nominee).

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