The intensification of Russian airstrikes on the territory of Ukraine is making it more difficult to provide humanitarian aid to the people there, humanitarian organizations Caritas and the International Committee of the Red Cross warned on Wednesday. TASR took over the report from the APA agency.

Thousands of people in Ukraine are cut off from water and energy supplies, schools are closed and public transport is paralyzed, Caritas said in a statement. The Russian missile attacks also forced the Red Cross to limit its aid programs in Ukraine for two days, the head of the ICRC delegation in Ukraine, Jürgen Högl, told the Austrian radio station Ö1.

According to Caritas Europa General Director Michael Landau, the humanitarian situation in Ukraine is intensifying. “It’s clear: Along with more and intensified attacks, the need for help increases enormously,” he pointed out.

Damage to the electricity grid in Ukraine could lead to a “severe winter”, added Högl. “There is a noticeable lack of electricity. Even here in Kyiv we have had temporary power outages since yesterday (Tuesday),” he added.

According to Ukrainian officials, Russian missile attacks since Monday hit approximately 30 percent of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, APA reminds.

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