The deputy head of the pro-Russian occupation administration in the Kherson region, Kirill Stremousov, promised on Monday a one-time financial contribution of 100,000 rubles (1,640 euros) to “every evacuated resident” who leaves the region to live in Russia. The Guardian informs about it on Tuesday.

“Today is the last day of organized deportations from the territories of the Kherson region lying on the right bank (of the Dnieper river). Most of the residents who have not yet left the Kherson region are only now beginning to understand the seriousness of the situation and my warnings,” Stremousov wrote on Monday in a post on the Telegram platform.

He further stated that people who come from the territories on the right bank of the Dnieper to the territories on the left bank will then be transported by buses to the Crimean peninsula, where volunteers will take care of them. From Crimea, they will continue their journey to other regions of the Russian Federation and will be provided with temporary accommodation there. “Each resident evacuated from the Kherson region will receive a one-time 100,000-ruble allowance and confirmation of (ownership of) an apartment,” added Stremousov.

Stremousov also informed on Tuesday morning that there have been no changes or mass offensive in the situation on the entire front line there. According to him, they are located in the immediate vicinity of the city of Kherson “more than 1,000” members of the Ukrainian armed forces. However, he added that “despite the numerical superiority of the Ukrainian troops, members of the Russian army are specialists in their field”.

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