The Governor of the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) Peter Kažimír should resign. Coalition deputy Juraj Šeliga wrote this on the social network, saying that the reason is not so much the re-introduction of the accusation of corruption, since the presumption of innocence applies, but the fact that he cannot reliably explain his assets.

For example, Šeliga asks how the former finance minister in the Smer-SD governments acquired a luxurious villa in Bratislava’s Old Town. “Mr. Kažímír smiles sympathetically, but I repeat, he cannot explain the origin of his assets,” stated Šeliga. He added that Kažímír’s work as governor of the NBS and representative of Slovakia in the European Central Bank is damaging the good name of Slovakia.

According to media reports, the police again charged the head of the NBS with corruption. This was previously canceled by the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Slovak Republic, because it found a violation of his rights.

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