As quickly as he came, he will leave as quickly.

Cuban actor Mario Cimarro (51), known to Slovak viewers mainly as Juan Reyes from the famous telenovela Skrytá pášieň, is starting to fulfill his work duties in our region. The heartthrob will take over TV screens from March as a dancer on the Let’s Dance show. The temperamental Cuban flew to Slovakia secretly, but he won’t warm up in Markíz for a long time.

The talented artist Mario Cimarro is currently starting to work on the new year of the dance show, to which the creators called him. The actor did not hesitate for a second about the offer, he immediately knew that it was the right one. He does it not only for the prospect of lucrative salary conditions, but especially for his family. The handsome man with a dark mane and a well-built figure is very close to Slovakia.

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