A story like from a bad movie! Silvia (33) went to Sardinia after college, where she fell in love with a charming Italian.

They had three children, but according to the woman who won the title of Miss Mama Italia 2014, life by his side quickly turned from idyll to hell. As if it wasn’t enough that she had to fight cervical cancer, she and her partner are now fighting a legal battle over their three children. With a few euros, she lives in the Center for Battered Women and waits for the final verdict. Can anyone help her?

After finishing college, Silvia went to Sardinia, where she fell in love with an Italian. “I’ve been here for 10 years. I got pregnant after a month of dating. The daughter had my last name, he wanted nothing to do with the authorities,” said Silvia at the beginning, who also won the title of Miss Mama Italia 2014. Their initially idyllic relationship did not last long.

“My husband forbade me to see my family, I lived in uncertainty. I was very sorry because I had to keep coming up with reasons why I couldn’t come. At home, however, they couldn’t be stopped and came to see me because they wanted to see their granddaughter.” says charming Silvia, who was constantly restrained by men.

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“He kept me busy during the day so I couldn’t go out and see my friends. I kept arguing in front of them and I went everywhere alone. Also for walks. After five years, I left him, started my own business, with the help of my parents. I also started working as a volunteer. He kept begging me then to come back. He brought me flowers, knelt on my knees. Finally, he said, let’s go to Slovakia. So we went. In Vienna, where my mother lives, he proposed to me on the Ferris wheel and I didn’t know what to do. I said yes, but she made it conditional on the fact that she must behave completely differently. He promised a lot, he didn’t deliver anything,” adds Silvia sadly.

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