Are we drinking less?! According to statistics, the consumption of golden liquid in our country is falling sharply.

Last year, each Slovak drank an average of only 60 liters of beer, which is 17 traditional pints less than in 2020. We set a record for drinking this drink in 1990, when every resident of Slovakia, regardless of age, consumed an average of 96 liters of beer per year. Why is less delicious mok drunk and which nations enjoy this drink the most?!

Since 1990, which we consider to be a record in terms of beer consumption, the consumption gradually decreased over the next 25 years. Just before the pandemic, brewers began to look forward to better times, and the volume of beer sold increased again for three years, even though we could drink only 70 liters per capita per year.

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Two years of the pandemic brought a sharp decline in beer consumption. A decline of more than 10% has occurred only twice in the last 30 years, after the onset of the financial crisis in 2010 and then a record last year, when the company was fighting the COVID-19 pandemic for the second year,” said Róbert Vlačuha, director of the Department of Statistics of the Living Standards of the ŠÚ .

The biggest brewers are the Czechs

The total consumption of beer in Europe was still 28 billion in 2021. hectoliters lower than before the pandemic. “According to data, in 2020 the Czech Republic had the highest consumption of golden liquid per capita in Europe with 135 liters, followed by Austria with 100 liters and Germany with 95 liters per capita. Slovakia was ranked 10th in this ranking,” states the Statistical Office. For comparison: the lowest consumption of beer was in the Mediterranean countries, namely in Greece (28 liters), Italy (31 liters) and France (33 liters). Last year, we paid an average of 1.33 euros for half a liter of light draft “tithe”. Ten years ago it was only 0.9 euros.

How many drinks produced in Slovakia were sold in our country?
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