What a strange theft. A helicopter mysteriously disappeared from the airport in Janíkovcie near Nitra. According to the last photo in which it is captured, the machine was still at the airport in Nitra on August 28.

According to TV Markíz, a Ukrainian arrived on the plane at the end of the summer. “He landed, he was also here for some service,” said Rastislav Šišovský from Aeroklub Nitra. Well, they registered the fact that the helicopter disappeared basically by accident, and they still don’t know the exact date of theft.

Law enforcement officers tentatively date the theft of the helicopter to the beginning of September. “All you need is a trained team and it’s one or two times. When they had a mechanical arm, they didn’t need anyone to do it, it’s fast. They can be gone in half an hour.” aircraft mechanic Ján Horevaj added for TV Markíza. Until now, the airport operators thought that the helicopter had been taken away by the owner. According to the information of Rastislav Šišovský from Aeroklub Nitra, the person who arrived on it was supposed to take the helicopter away.

“The rotor was removed from that helicopter, a container arrived, the person in question loaded the helicopter and the motorcycle into the container and it left on a truck,” he added. However, the owner of the machine is talking about hundreds of thousands of euros worth of damage. “According to the victim’s statement, the theft of the helicopter caused him damage in the amount of 500,000 euros,” said the spokeswoman of the regional police in Nitra, Viktória Borloková. According to former criminologist Matej Snopek, an experienced criminal is responsible for the theft. “It had to be done by a person who knows how to deal with it,” he said.

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