On Tuesday, the Security Committee of the Swiss Parliament approved a bill to amend the law that will allow the transport of military equipment to Ukraine through third countries, AFP reported.

Until now, in accordance with its policy of military neutrality, Switzerland has refused to allow countries that possess Swiss-made weapons to export them to war-torn Ukraine. According to the current law on military assets, the export of Swiss weapons cannot be approved if they are to travel to a country in which an armed conflict is taking place.

On Tuesday, 14 members of the parliamentary committee supported the proposal to change this law, 11 voted against them. In its statement, the commission said that re-export ban declarations – signed by countries buying Swiss weapons – should be revoked in cases where there is a violation of the prohibition of the use of force under international law. – as is the case with the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine.

Citing the commission’s statement, AFP added that the Swiss government could still decide to continue the ban on the transfer of Swiss arms – in cases where the cancellation of the declaration on the ban on re-export would pose a great risk for Swiss foreign policy.

The commission’s statement also said a minority of its members expressed concern that the transfer of Swiss military equipment to Ukraine could threaten Switzerland’s neutral status. However, the majority of members of the security commission decided that the proposed change is in line with Swiss neutrality, “since it does not allow the direct export of military material to conflict areas.”

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